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Self Build TV is all about helping self-builders to join the self build revolution and then to help them on their self-build journey. 

We plan to do this in many ways from intervening experts like your self, going to sites and reviewing products. 

To kick us off (and given going to site and viewing products in COVID lockdown is not possible) we have started online interviews. 

the interview is quick and simple between 10-20 long and follows the following structure:

  • Introduction - a bit about you and your businesses. 

  • 5 Questions - On a topic you pick

  • Top 3 Tips - your top three tips

  • How self-builders can contact you. 

its that's simple, takes around 30 to record. You don't need any special gear. Check out a couple of examples below any questions please feel free to get in contact. Please don't forget to book your slot in.

Thanks, Ryan


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